21 September 2005

Things with More Appeal.7

In the interest of being cutting-edge, but not in a knife-wielding, threatening sort of way, we're going to recommend some Thing that is of questionable appeal to many: the rap. We're still getting to know each other (has it been seven weeks already?), and we don't know what your musical preference is. But, we decided to take this week as an opportunity to just put something out there. If you don't like it, just send it right back. This week's Thing, like us, is Blackalicious. Except, in their case, it is the name of the group, rather than a self-congratulatory adjective that isn't even a real word. That's why they get the initial capitalization.

Yes, Blackalicious is a rap group, in case you weren't sure. They're by no means "underground," at this point in the game; but, they sure as fuck aren't in the same stratosphere as the Ying Yang Twins, in terms of relevance and legitimacy in contemporary hip hop culture. In other words, if Trick Daddy is the sort of thing you're normally into when you feel the urge to hear some "mad beats," you might as well stop reading, sweetie. And, not just this post, either, 'cause we're done if we catch you kicking a Ma$e album under the seat next time you pick us up. And that's real.

But, in the event you don't listen to much hip hop, then this group might change that. In the event you do listen to much hip hop, and already like Blackalicious and similar artists (we really need to spend more time together, jelly bean), then you probably already know that they have a new album coming out next Tuesday. And in that case, why don't you grab a box of Franzia on the way over tonight, and we'll get shitty listening to Blazing Arrow in anticipation of the new album. You already know that after a few glasses, the 5 CD changer will put on Ralph Tresvant, and then that shit's on like Monkey Kong. See you between our knees at 8!

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