26 September 2005

God, This Industry Sucks

It seems like just last week we were making a disparaging reference to the Ying Yang Twins, only to come in this Monday morning to see that these two darlings of the southern rap scene are now going to be stahs-- movie stahs, we mean. Viagra Falls is the name of the film that will undoubtedly grace AFI's Top 100 list. It's about two guys from Atlanta (a real stretch for these two), who are minding their own biznass and working minimum wage jobs, when "a box full of Viagra falls into their laps." Tomfoolery, of course, ensues.

We had a whole sarcastic diatribe planned for this post, but when we realized that the truth remains that this project IS GOING TO BE MADE and TWO NO-TALENT ASS CLOWNS WHO ARE RETARDED ENOUGH TO WANT TO BE CALLED THE FUCKING YING YANG TWINS STAND TO MAKE MILLIONS FROM IT, we sort of lost our gusto. Indeed, someone "has a case of the Mondays," and it is us. We'll collect ourselves and return with the same cheek you've grown to resent, shortly.

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