19 September 2005

Courtney Goes to Rehab 13: "12 Steps from Liberty"

What better way to start off the week than with the person we love to pretend to hate posting about? (Besides, we need a distraction after last night's travesty wherein Jeremy Piven was shafted at the Emmys.) Let's get it goin' with a little Love letter.

Courtney Love, notorious denizen of rehabilitation facilities, has finished up her previously mandated 28 days, only for the judge to be all, "Just kidding! You're going back for six more months you crazy bitch! I'm Ashton Kutcher! I'm awesome!" (We're paraphrasing, here.)

Yeah, so until March 2007, it's going to be nothing but group sessions and Ding Dongs for poor old Courtney. At least, that's what we imagine rehab is like. Course, they might have Lil' Debbies. That'd be pretty sweet, too.

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