30 September 2005

George Bush, Master of Etiquette and Conversation

You may have already heard about former Education Secretary William Bennett's comments on his talk show recently. We heard about it on Howard Stern a couple of days ago. But, just in case you didn't hear, he said flat out that crime rates would go down drastically if every black baby was aborted. Of course, now he's saying his comments were "taken out of context," yada yada yada. But this seems like a pretty modest proposal to us too, considering our own preference for theft over paying for things. If only we, too, had been aborted! We'll have to go on wondering what could have been, as we continue robbing whitey.

But, we digress. The White House's scathing response to this ferociously racist remark proves that George Bush truly does care about black people:

"'The president believes the comments were not appropriate,' White House press secretary Scott McClellan said."

See! They certainly told Bennett what's what! Quite the verbal donkey punch, Mr. President! We daresay Kanye West was indeed mistaken with his cavalier remarks of late. Way to convince us you disagree wholeheartedly, Dubya. What's most touching is how he personally had one of his flunkies address the issue (and with such passion!), instead of doing it himself. Our patriotism swells mightily, for today we are a tiny bit less ashamed to be American.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still shocked that this was even said. Normally, I would say something that wittily compared his statement to something probably said during the late 30's in Germany, but that's so close to the truth, it's kinda not funny.

-- Rick