29 September 2005

Lohan Not Very Good at Pretending She Doesn't Want Attention

If you think the picture of Lindsay Lohan at left is "somethin' else," you ain't seen nothin' yet. The former Disney brand icon, turned implants/ lying about having said implants icon, turned cocaine-whore/ eating disorder/ binge drinking icon is going to slut it up slightly more than ever before. Linds has already been photographed on a Malibu beach for an upcoming cover of Vanity Fair. Nude.

Yes, the 19-year-old is on the fast track to having Britney Spears' career, and several hopeful pervs who have been sexualizing the "actress" since before it was even marginally appropriate are sure to have their wish of her posing for Playboy granted sooner than they might have hoped. Hell, the hard core pervs (you know, the ones with mustaches and unmarked white vans) can probably keep their fingers crossed for a Hustler debut before 2008. We said "fingers," you sickee.

What makes this story even more worrisome is the fact that Hohan took her cue from Paris Hilton's recent nude Vanity Fair cover. If you're intentionally following the example of the world's most notorious vapid spunk-guzzler and then announcing it proudly, blow is the least of your problems. We can only assume a sex tape in night vision featuring the Parent Trap star will be hitting the internets imminently.

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