01 September 2005

Pope Apparently a Huge Fan of Robin Harris

The frigging Pope is telling Catholics to have even more babies. Apparently, condemning contraception isn't doing the trick, and the declining birthrates in predominantly Catholic countries like Spain is "depriv[ing] some nations of freshness and energy and of hopes for the future incarnate in children." Yeah, what the world really needs is a bunch more Catholics in an already overpopulated world, running around telling everyone else how they should live. Sounds perfect. Sadly, it's very likely that a lot of Catholics are going to be daft enough to heed this advice. (Not us though. We haven't set foot in a church since Confirmation. Right after that, we installed that sex-trapeze and got on The Pill.)

How can a leader that millions look to for guidance offer a "solution" to the world's problems that we all know can only end in disaster, thanks to the extremely informative film Bebe's Kids? We fear the real-life manifestation of this classic will be significantly less hilarious.

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