06 September 2005

Bashing Bush for Neglecting Blacks Is the New Black

Evidently, Kanye started a new trend, because Pierce Brosnan and Sean Penn have both commenced public shit-talking about how Bush is handling Katrina. Or, not handling it, as it were. We will admit that Sean Penn is sort of known for being a leftist troublemaker, but when he was unsuccessfully rescuing people from the water in LA, he totally had his collar flipped up.

What's worse is, New Orleans authorities seem to be confusing this disaster with Mardi Gras, demanding female victims show their tits in exchange for rescue. At least they were nice enough to throw them some beads, as well. Such humanitarians!


Emma said...

i think it's admirable that kanye wanted to voice his opinions in order to start some change for the better... but he really should've planned out what he was going to say a little better. the fact that he was all over the map with his comments kind of discredited the whole thing for me.

LTNA said...

Perhaps, but on the other hand, his stammering and awkward phrasing made it more genuine and meaningful. It would have been trite and hollow if he were superficially eloquent. You know, like Mike Meyers.