13 September 2005

Guy Ritchie's New Movie Sucks

Guy Ritchie's newest flick, has been shit-canned by critics after it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. This is particularly unsettling, because the new movie is not Swept Away 2: I'm Totally Whipped and Only Make Movies About My Wife Now, which would explain the awful reception of the film. Rather, the new movie, Revolver, is a gangster movie, with Ritchie returning to his Lock, Stock/ Snatch type roots that we've all come to know and love (almost as much as we love dags). Even the cast is juicy: Ray Liotta (dope!), Jason Statham (sweet!) and even Andre 3000, who took a break from his busy chinchilla poaching schedule to work with Ritchie. We can only hope that this bad word-of-mouth is indicative of some stuffy critics being unwilling to "think outside the box" and embrace Ritchie for all of his post-modern glory. Or some bullshit. Because we've been really stoked to see a new Ritchie gangster movie anyway for the last, oh, FIVE FREAKING YEARS or so, and we seriously don't want this one to suck. M'kay? Alright then.

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