06 September 2005

Emmys: "At Least We're Not the Grammys"

The Emmys already suck pretty hard, but they're taking it to new heights this year. They're gonna let Shatner and The Donald sing.

Wait for it.

They're going to sing the themes to popular TV shows. (In Shatner's case, he will be singing the theme to Star Trek, which b-t-dub, is instrumental. Yes, you did read that right.) Then, viewers are going to vote on who will be crowned the "Emmy Idol."

Is this the kind of stunt that happens when The Sopranos aren't around to generate ratings for the telecast? Having a long weekend is nice and all, but is coming back to irritating news like this the price we have to pay for it? It's time to start devising a drinking game that will ensure a black-out by the time Shatner grabs the mic. Feel free to post any ideas below. Remember, we already came up with the classic, "Arsenic or a .45," so stick to fresh material only!

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