22 September 2005

Lynch Opens Crazy School

For $75 (plus the cost of a plane ticket to New York, in our case), you can have the opportunity to spend an evening with David Lynch at a seminar on "Transcendental Meditation." The seminar is called "Is the Workplace Bad for Your Brain?" (Because we love you, we'll save you the $75 and tell you right now the answer is "yes.")

It's ballsy that Lynch is charging so much for people to be weirded out and confused by him, when really all you need to do is rent Lost Highway to have the same experience. Besides, the type of people to go to a seminar on "Transcendental Meditation" probably don't even have "workplaces." It's probably just going to be a bunch of angsty NYU film student starfuckers who don't see a problem with learning how to meditate from someone who is, very likely, certifiably insane. And paying for it. Don't get us wrong, we don't have some big problem with David Lynch or anything. But Blue Velvet was fuct up, dude.


london cokehead said...

I agree .. Have you seen Rabbits ?

Art or not Art , that's the question with Lnych !!

LTNA said...

Haven't even heard of that one. But, I'll go ahead and assume it's fucked up.