20 September 2005

H&M: Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay?

"Fashion giant"* H&M has pulled the old switcheroo on Kate Moss. They've decided her penchant for hoovering rails off a CD case isn't part of the image they're going for after all (despite H&M's penchant for employing emaciated models), and have cancelled her contract. We're sure this comes as a blow (ha!) to Kate, as now she only stands to make around 4 million pounds this year, instead of five. Pity. Guess she'll have to downgrade her tooter from a five pound note to a one pound, like the rest of the peasants.

[*We're using quotation marks here because we shop at H&M, and the fact that we can afford to shop there pretty much nullifies any chance of them being considered titans of the fashion industry. What we're saying is, H&M is a glorified $10 store, okay? It's just Conway with better lighting. And if you don't know what Conway is, then we don't give enough of a shit to explain. Alright then. Just wanted to clear that up.]


Anonymous said...

Is there one in LA/outside of NYC? I'm pretty sure there isn't, but hey, who knows.

Although it doesnt really matter. Being baller status means getting all of your clothes flown in directly from V.I.M.

-- Rick

LTNA said...

Obviously. I'm pimpin' it in my Vasco jeanes this very moment.