15 September 2005

Kate Moss Gets the Good Shit

Is it ever "breaking" when a celebrity is reported to be a cokehead? No, we suppose not. But, what the hell? It's always fun!

For those who are either so completely naive they didn't know this already, or who were too busy not giving a shit about waifish models to have formed an opinion, Kate Moss is reportedly a firm believer that candy makes you dandy. The Daily Mirror claims to have exclusive photos of Kate at a recording session with her boyfriend's (notorious druggie Pete Doherty) band, where she cuts some twenty lines of blow in 40 minutes for herself and the other partiers. (Not to brag, but we've beaten that record.) The article goes on to describe her behavior at length, but if you've ever hung out with some Tri Delt sorostitutes at 4 in the morning, it's probably a familiar enough scene to you.

On the plus side, chubby girls who have been trying to get Kate's lithe figure all these years finally know her secret: do lots and lots of cocaine and alcohol, and then lie about it. Beats the fuck out of South Beach, doesn't it!

UPDATE: Gawker has one of the photos!

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