02 September 2005

'Cause Fuck 'Em. That's Why.

Congressman Dennis Hastert is getting himself in some hot water, after saying that rebuilding New Orleans "doesn't make sense." Because the city is below sea level, he feels that people who continue living there "insist on living in harm's way." Now, a lot of people are going to say this guy is a douche bag extraordinare, but come on. You know you were kind of thinking it, too.

Hastert really has some set of grapes, because he also kind of hinted that it's stupid to keep Los Angeles and San Francisco going, what with the earthquakes and all. We think Hastert may really be on to something here. If we just didn't bother to do anything every time some stupid city fell victim to a natural disaster, we would eventually weed out all the Bayou trash, the filthy hippies in NorCal (you can shove that Nag Champa up you ass, "Moon Rainbow"!) and Paris Hilton. And in the end, wouldn't the millions of casualties be worth at least that?

Funnily enough, Mr. Bill saw this coming all along.

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