23 September 2005

Kate Moss Continues to Get Fucked Over

We took yesterday off from the whole "Cocaine Kate" scandal because it really is pretty exhausting and boring, after a while. But today, we're thoroughly hungover-- scratch that. We're still thoroughly wasted from last night, and need something easy to talk about. Page Six is reporting that Burberry, one of the three companies who have dumped Kate so far, is planning the ultimate bitch slap by replacing her with Sienna Miller.

If you have no idea why this is, indeed, a bitch slap, allow us to get you up to speed (so to speak). Sienna is the fiance of Jude Law, humiliated infamously during the recent Nannygate. Jude, meanwhile, was reported just this week to have had some kinky threeway action with Kate Moss and his ex, Sadie Frost. To make things spicier, this news came almost immediately after Jude finally reconciled with the estranged Sienna. So, in a really roundabout, passive aggressive way, Burberry is totally sticking it to Kate. We guess. Actually, now that we think about it, this is pretty irrelevant, even for Page Six standards, if there is such a thing. Whatever. We're off to get some muthafuckin French toast.

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