12 September 2005

Oh, So That's Who's at Fault

Oprah is demanding that America apologize to the survivors of Katrina. Whatever that means. Oprah is the latest to take a break from bitching about the staff of Hermes and jump on the bandwagon of finger-pointers in the aftermath of this disaster. Of course, making a nebulous statement like "America needs to apologize" will undoubtedly be heeded and praised, simply because Oprah is saying it, and not Sean Penn or someone less cuddly. We also like how she casts blame on America as if it were a tangible unit, a sentient individual who can be held accountable, not a collection of millions of persons who reacted or failed to react to Katrina in a myriad of ways. No, Oprah can see beyond such idiotic "facts" and knows exactly who is at fault-- and it's certainly not the President (that wouldn't be ratings-friendly, would it?), it's America, that unfeeling douche bag, and he needs to say he's sorry. (Incidentally, Ope, is America a he or a she?) Thank goodness we have Oprah to guide us with vague, non-polarizing-yet-still-sassy condemnation, so we all know that we've truly fucked up. Indeed, up with Ope, down with dope!

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