19 August 2005

We Guess, If We Have to...: The Sequel

For what it's worth, it's not that we're lazy, okay? It's just been a really lame day/ days, and there's nothing really rant-inspiring. Today just happens to be a record low, with a mere two posts. Of course, since LTNA isn't even a full two weeks old yet, we're fairly certain we can trounce that statistic in due time. But, before we fully check out for the weekend, here's a bit of "news." Luckily, we always have the old-standbys, Courtney Love and Michael Jackson for blog fodder. This post concerns the former, as you may have guessed from our handy little picture.

We already know CL failed that drug test. Well, now she's finally admitted her drug use, and has been ordered to the customary 28 days in rehab. So, we've got a good, oh, 29 days at the least, before we hear about Courtney defecating on Michael J. Fox's lawn because she had "too many bran muffins." (Why did we go with Michael J. Fox, of all people, on that one? Ah, well. Don't question the Muse.)

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