10 August 2005

Um. Okay. So what?

Apparently, this is news: Yahoo's search engine's index is nearly twice the size of Google's. The source of this breaking story is-- you guessed it, Yahoo News! We can't say we give a fuck about this "news item," as Google is the dope shit. Or at least, it's good enough that we've never done a search with it and collapsed into a temper tantrum wailing "Why are there only 11.2 billion items indexed when there could be upwards of 20.8?!" We guess it could potentially be useful to get search results that featured not only what we wanted (as with Google), but another few hundred pages of cats in funny outfits, too. That'll be helpful next time we're looking to buy some absinthe online.

Our favorite part of the article is where they say Yahoo "typically does not disclose the size of its index." We guess if it's that big, you don't have to brag about it. That's kind of like Tommy Lee driving around in a Hummer. Or a giant, veiny penis-mobile.

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