31 August 2005

Things with More Appeal.4

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to provide the ritualistic filler of fresh blog material that is "Things with More Appeal." Now, we have to tell you that this week's Thing was not intentioned to be FX Network's show Rescue Me, pictured at left. The Thing this week is FX's new show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, after a rigorous (read: cursory) internet search, we were unable to find a still of the show to put here, or even a decent photo of one of the actors. So, we went with a still from Rescue Me because that show rocks our proverbial socks too, so we're killing two birds here.

Sunny is about these three dudes and an obligatory token chick (who does a pretty good job, actually), who run a dive bar in Philly. FX, the designated "edgy" network du jour definitely delivers, yet again. After all, by calling themselves "FX," they are presumably meant to be thought of as "FOX TO THE XTREME." At least, that's the back-story we've crafted after one too many Mountain Dew: Code Reds mixed with Bacardi (a cocktail we've christened the "Mountain Don't").

Each week "the gang" gets into various situations which elicit comedic consequences. (Por ejemplo, the pilot was titled "The Gang Gets Racist." These guys have charm to spare!) We think there's a term for shows that do this thing where "comedy" arises from a seemingly banal "situation," but we're not sure. The show is about six episodes in, and they're going pretty strong. We're already at a point where we genuinely look forward to the new episodes, which isn't true for 98% of teevee (but is true for about 98% of FX's original programming).

So, um, yeah. You should watch it. Because it's fuckin good. And, like, so is Rescue Me. Um. That's all.

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