31 August 2005

It Was Time for a Fix. Admit It.

This is getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous. Courtney Love is saying she wasn't making shit up after all, when she said she was pregnant by Steve Coogan, recently. Bad news for Coogan, indeed, as the article quotes Courtney in Britain's News of the World (an extremely reputable paper) saying she hasn't even told him yet. We're sure this is the ideal way for him to find out.

Love says she's been "really unslutty" lately, and hasn't gotten nasty with anyone but the Coog in the last year. She also seems to want to keep the child, as she's getting on in years, and may not have a chance to have another kid. More to the point, her insides are probably so toxic, it's a wonder she was able to get knocked-up in the first place, leaving aside the fact that Coogan must have been inconceivably drugged-up to be able to get wood for Courtney Love. We're talking Jagger-status, drugged-up, cuz that bitch is busted. Actually, if anyone can put us in touch with Steve's dealer, hook it up. Evidently, he gets the good shit.

Anyway, we're sure we'll have to retract this retraction retraction in a couple days. See you then!

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