16 August 2005

We Couldn't Resist

We know this lede is about Paula Abdul getting off on fucking that American Idol contestant Corey Clark. (Pun intended? You be the judge.) It's just amusing to us that the entire cosmos seems to be working hard to drop "Ryan Seacrest is gay" jokes at every opportunity, as our (extremely blurry-- sorry) screenshot shows how the semi-suggestive lede "Abdul, 'Idol' contestant had no affair, probe finds" becomes quite a bit funnier when Ryan Seacrest's picture is paired with it, for no apparent reason. It's as if the Google News search engine is trying to play with the nuances of words like "probe" and "affair" and goes as far to imply that he was the one doing the probing, and by "probing" they mean the up-the-butt kind, not the asking-investigative-questions kind. We know we're really reaching here, but we'll take our Seacrest jokes any way we can get them. That guy sucks.

LTNA, out!

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