25 August 2005

Google News Sort of Racist

Oh no they "diddn't." This screenshot from Google News reveals that they apparently don't know the diff between Sean "It's Just 'Diddy,' Now" Combs and R. "Doo Doo Butter" Kelly. We all look the same to you, Google News, don't we?


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting tidbit:

Google News is entirely compiled and aggregated by computers [while other online news services, like Yahoo News, are done by humans]. Which is probably the cause of this, and is kinda funny. Did the computer make the assumption itself, based on intelligence it's gained from past articles it's compiled or was it kinda programmed to do that?

Makes you think...

[Actually, it might not. I just really didn't know how to end this comment. Nor do I really know why I posted it. I think I just like talking about Google.]

-- Rick [Such. A. Dork.]

LTNA said...

Say what you want. Google news is a racist robot.