23 August 2005

A Quick Game of "Blogophone"

This shit is just fucking hilarious. We try to avoid posting third-hand news (i.e., blogging about blogs), but this is too good. At the risk of losing you to a superior time-waster, we hand you a post from the Mt. Olympus of the blogging world, Gawker.

Here's the gist: If you grew up in New York, you know anyone aged 20 or higher will most certainly remember the days of Doppler 4 on NBC local news. Already a technological marvel (in 1989, anyway), we weren't quite prepared when they upgraded exponentially to Doppler 4000 during the 90s. As Gawker points out, this was probably a preemptive strike against comeptish in the Doppler superiority race amongst network meteorology departments.

But here's where it really starts to get ridiculous. CBS 2 has just revealed Doppler 2 MILLION. No, seriously. 2 Million. We have no idea how they plan to casually refer to this monstrosity while keeping a straight face, but the chance to witness the attempt alone makes us yearn to move back east.

Not to be outdone, the WB is developing "Doppler Eleventy Billion," which doubles as a cryogenic freezing facility. Stay tuned!

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