12 August 2005

We Guess, If We Have to...

We weren't going to post about this, because it is quite possibly the exact opposite of actual news. There is nothing breaking or even remotely surprising about this. We also wanted to delay posts relating to C Love for as long as possible-- it just felt so despondent. We try to keep an illusion of some class, here at LTNA. However, we can only ignore it for so long. On the off-chance our reader (are you still out there, angel?) hasn't heard about this, Courtney Love has failed a drug test she was given after collapsing at a Roosevelt Hotel party last month. At the time, she insisted she'd just had "too much Diet Coke." Call us cynical, but maybe she just meant that to say that she'd had too much coke, which she's been taking as part of her new diet, hence "diet coke."

In any case, this can't come as a surprise to anyone. LTNA attended the Comedy Central Roast of Pam Anderson last Sunday, and we can tell you that we almost believed Courtney the first 37 times she insisted she was sober,
while flashing her snatch to the audience-- almost. But, by the 38th time, we realized she wasn't being completely honest with us.

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