10 August 2005

Finally, Barbie Puts Out

Kelly Carlson, of Nip/Tuck fame (and that's about it) got the bizarrely enviable perk of getting to keep a life-sized, and presumably anatomically correct doll of herself after it was made for the show last season.

Carlson has clothed the doll and keeps it in her living room. This way, it's not overtly sexualized, just freakish and creepy, instead. Against friends' suggestions, she won't sell the doll on eBay, in fear that some perv will get freaknasty with her synthetic doppleganger.

Personally, we'd keep the doll around just for the endless comedic opportunities that the phrase "go fuck yourself" would offer, as never before. Sure, it's really just one joke, but it's never been this literal!

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