17 August 2005

Riding Jennings' Corpse to the Top

ABC had a great week in ratings following the death of Peter Jennings on the 7th. The Network won every night except Wednesday, and the tribute to Jennings averaged 10.5 million viewers on Monday.

It must have been fun to be in the meeting when those Fast Nationals came in, and the Network big-wigs had to pretend they weren't completely ecstatic, what with it being a very somber time, and all. We can only hope that this doesn't give the execs any ideas on how to keep their ratings up this high. Koppel should probably hire a personal food-taster.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the new Peter Jennings DVD collection, soon to be released. No, I'm not kidding. Of course, I'm sure all proceeds will go to a worthy cause, like puppy adoptions or lemonade stands.