22 August 2005

Love Gets Visited by Crack-Stork

Okay, so we know we ended last week with C. Love, but this is really out of our hands. With the amount of shit going down in Courtney Love's life lately, you'd think she had a new reality series coming out. She's about two incidents away from a sex tape. Then again, a Courtney Love sex tape would be kind of redundant, since about 80% of everyone in the world has had sex with her live and in-person, (hey, it was the 90s!). And, come to think of it, a Courtney Love reality show is a really brilliant idea, actually. It would make Whitney and Bobby's look like the The Cosby Show. It could be called "You Have Crabs Now." Just spit-balling, here.

But, let's get to the point: Courtney's knocked-up! Just when we were lamenting how predictable the latest reports were-- failed drug tests, rehab, etc., good ol' Courtney throws a curve ball at us. Apparently, the father is that guy who played Tony Wilson in 24 Hour Party People. We definitely did not see this one coming. Well played, Courtney. Well played.

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