24 August 2005

Things with More Appeal.3

We can't believe it's already time for another posting of "Things with More Appeal." We're going to stick with pop culture, and delay discussing high art for as long as possible. (We're trying to keep you from discovering we were never much for book learnin', but we've already said too much!)

This week's item was selected on a bit of a whim, but it is very dear to us. Mallrats, directed by Kevin Smith, is our most favorite K.S. flick-- by far. Many people, including Smith himself, have dismissed Mallrats as a crap movie. Some consider it the weakest link in the "New Jersey Trilogy." But people who say these things obviously don't know what the shit they're talking about, and know fuck-all about comedy. Fuck those cocks! MALLRATS IS FREAKIN' AWESOME! YOU AIN'T BAD! YOU AIN'T NOTHIN'!

Ahem. Moving on.

More importantly, it features Brodie Bruce, the greatest character ever captured on film. Okay, well, maybe there's The Dude, also-- but that's it. Jason Lee is brilliant in this role, and no one else could ever have played this part so perfectly. We had every intention of stalking and marrying Jason Lee as a direct result of this movie. Then he became a Scientologist.

In any case, the selection of this Thing is serendipitous, as it just so happens it is the 10 year anniversary of the movie's release, and a stupid-fly edition of the DVD is set for release Sept. 20.

But fret not, punnkin! We already have the older (shittier) version of the DVD, so you won't have to wait to see it. Just swing by tonight and we'll have one of our sleep-overs. I promise the apartment will smell slightly less like cat pee, this time. Also, we have a confession: Last time, that wasn't really cat pee.

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