17 August 2005

London Goes Hollywood

Hollywood's craptastic Walk of Fame is set to have a Limey doppleganger across the pond, as London will unveil their own Avenue of the Stars on September 18th.

We think this is totally practical and necessary, not at all redundant or undeserved. Let's face it: Celebrities get short-changed on the amount of attention and accolades bestowed upon them on a day to day basis. Our culture spends entirely too much time on pointless things like books and exercise. We only wish we had a few media outlets that were all about celebrities, and nothing else. This completely unsuperfluous shrine to mediocrity will, at last, give Nicole Kidman and her ilk an inkling that she truly is a star, and that nothing makes us feel warm inside quite like her cold, dead eyes gazing down at us from billboards and bus ads.

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