11 August 2005

Da Chiz-arges Got Driz-opped

The makeup artist who accused Snoop Dogg and four of his associates of drugging and raping her after an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live two years ago has dropped the charges, and they have settled the case "amicably."

We can only assume "amicably" means Snoop and Co. shook the shit outta that ho until she came to her senses, sobbing and blubbering, "I'm sorry Daddy" repeatedly. Snoop's pimp hand is strong.


Anonymous said...


There aint nothin' wrong with shaking a few ho's till they come to their non-litigious senses.

".....now go make me a turkey sandwich."

-- Rick

LTNA said...

Really. How many times do you have to tell some ho "Shut the fuck up! You talk too much"?