30 August 2005

Okay, Hollywood Sucks Slightly Less

This is pretty sweet. Judd Apatow (the guy who co-wrote and directed The 40-Year-Old Virgin) has made a deal with Universal to write and direct another "off-beat" romantic comedy. This one will star Seth Rogan, who has been overlooked since Freak and Geeks, a dope but short-lived show he worked on with Judd a few years ago. Look at Judd up there. He's totally stoked.

Judd is keeping quiet about what this flick is going to be about exactly, but coming off the heels of a high-concept movie like Virgin, we can only imagine what type of zany protagonist he has in mind:

- "Mussolini in Love"
- "The 12-Year-Old Pederast"
- "Rumsfeld Goes to San Francisco"
- "The Flaccid Sex Addict"
- "O.J. and Nicole: The Early Years"

Whatever he goes with, we're sure the next stop on the unstoppable Apatow Express will be Hilarityville. All aboard!

(BTW, after that "all aboard" nonsense, there is no possible way you can be more sickened by us than we are by ourselves. Just setting the record straight.)

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