15 August 2005

Just What We Need: Old Chicks Getting Laid on TV

Sex and the City series creator Darren Star has purchased the rights to Candace Bushnell's soon-to-be released book Lipstick Jungle. Bush (is it okay if we call you Bush?), of course, is the author of the book upon which the HBO series was based. From the Page Six descrip, it sounds like the new book and series will be a refreshing change from SATC, with a totally different subject matter: Lipstick is about not four, but THREE successful New York women and their trials and tribulations in dating. Also, these hags will be even older than the ones on Sex. At least we can count on Dar and Candy to keep cranking out completely fresh ideas. Hooray for well-written granny soft-porn!

UPDATE (8/16/05): Just kidding? Today's Page Six reports that they "hit a snag," and Star withdrew his offer. Or something. Whatever.

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