30 August 2005

Verizon Guy to Kill Self in September

Finally, those of you who are still rocking polyphonic versions of "Get Low" as your ringtone will have a chance to upgrade. (We know that's not just us. You know who you are.) All the nerd rags are reporting that Apple is going to announce in September that they are teaming-up with Cingular to allow people to use the iTunes software to play ringtones for certain models of Motorola phones. For now, neither Apple nor Cingular is commenting on this googlesqueness of this announcement. Sure, this type of technological advancement isn't "necessary" or "helpful to mankind," but it is pretty pimp. And at the end of the day, all that matters is the pimp-factor of whatever is being discussed. We should ask ourselves not "What would Jesus do?" Rather, we must ask ourselves, "How would Jesus pimp?" And clearly, that would be by pairing iTunes with Cingular.

1 comment:

Mr Jay F Bennett said...

The future always sounds too expensive to me.

Talk to me when it's the recent past. We'll see how I'm doing.