23 August 2005


So, there's a new way Google plans to take over our lives and shatter all competition (by offering quality products and services, not the douche-bag, Bill Gates way). They're going to launch their own instant messaging service, "Google Talk"-- you know, like AIM and the rest. Granted, the name is almost as gay as Batman and Robin, but calling their email service "Gmail" out-pimps the lame factor of their IM name sufficiently (we would've gone with O-Gmail, but whatever). It may even happen as early as this week, supposedly, which would be freakin' sweet. Tee hee hee! We can totally imagine the looks on the faces of AOL and Yahoo execs upon hearing this news:


*Dying to know about those last two acronyms, aren't ya? Slake your thirst.


sheriff of nothing said...

where would we be without Google?

LTNA said...

Blogging on a chalkboard, friend.