25 August 2005

In Case You Didn't Already Hate the French

Celebrities like to bitch about stuff to make themselves feel important, like they're Doing Some Good and all. You know, Pamela Anderson, Sean Penn and the like. Brigitte Bardot is no exception. However, her "cause" is of a unique type of evil. An evil so evil it's like a caricature of evil. She is calling for French fishermen to stop using puppies and kittens as shark bait. That this problem is ubiquitous enough to warrant a campaign against it is appalling. To us, the news here wasn't that she's calling for an end to this, the news here was that PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS.

Puppies and kittens?! For shark bait?! Honestly, that's so ghastly it's almost impressive. Try to think of something that's so equally cruel and unnecessarily decadent at the same time. Go ahead. We dare you. After this news, we'll be ordering our sharkburger with American fries at lunch today, thank you very much.


Lesley Erin said...

hahahaha sharkburger. hahahaha. sharkburger. hahahaha. man i like the concept, i do.

LTNA said...

If only Panda Express would take their restaurant title more literally.

Assistant Atlas said...

Okay, THAT was funny. It actually made me like the French more [I have a bizarre fetish for French films that make little to no sense. hey, we all have our problems, man]. But, really, puppies for sharkbait? Such verve. Such elan. Such je ne sais quoi savoir faire.

Really like the blog, by the way.