17 August 2005

[Insert Obvious Michael Jackson Joke Here]

Michael Jackson no-showed for a court appearance (again) in a sexual assault case (again), Wednesday. The judge fined MJ ten grand, for failing to even send a lawyer or other representative to the hearing. We figure that just means Jacko will have to buy eight llamas, instead of the 9 he'd planned.

This case's accuser is saying Jackson assaulted him at the World's Fair in '84. The very existence of this civil case is news to us, but we can't really be surprised when media outlets fail to report something that's as natural and predictable as Courtney Love failing a drug test. "Jacko Faces Molestation Charges" is such a familiar a headline we'd bet newspapers have stock articles pre-written, where they just plug in the accuser's age and the other juicy bits (ew... we probably should have gone with a different choice of words there...). Same shit, different day.

Entropy, our ass.

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