15 August 2005

Melancholy Will Want to Kill Selves Slightly Less

October will prove to be a good month for the angst-ridden, as Fiona Apple's fabled third album will finally see the light of day. The light outside of unapproved internet leaks, that is.

After being shelved indefinitely by Sony, Extraordinary Machine will be available for nice-and-legal purchase October 4. The album has been re-recorded largely with producer Mike Elizondo (who is tiz-ight with Dr. Dre); Elizondo claims the leaked (i.e., free) version of the album is "not representational of the work" on the final (i.e., not free) version of the album. What was strange about this was how Elizondo kept using quotation fingers and giggling whenever saying the final product is "completely different" and "not just for chumps who didn't download it already." Weird.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking finally.

-- Rick