11 August 2005

Definitely Not "As Smooth as Eggs"

Jose Canseco, Major League Baseball player cum author, apparently left an interesting tidbit out of his recent book on steroid use, according to his ex-wife: Canseco's use of the 'roids left him hung like a hobbit. His nuts shrunk so much, "[they] were non-existent," in the words of his ex. We can imagine the sight of his mini-balls was only exacerbated by his massive everything else.

On the plus side, Canseco can always start a niche genre of porno films featuring only steroid users, wherein the men have shriveled sacks, and the women have engorged vaginas. It can be a whole new fetish. A possible first movie title: "Is It In Yet?"

That one's free, bitches. Next time, we start charging.

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