30 August 2005

Foxx Has Killer Set at VMA After-party

We thought that our O.J. joke from earlier was in poor taste-- although, pretty much any O.J. joke is bound to be a faux pas. But then, we saw that Jaime Foxx outdid us at Ocean Drive's party after the VMAs. Per Page Six:

"After spotting Simpson, Foxx grabbed a mic and yelled, "It's a killer party — O.J.'s here!" He then commanded the crowd to "Do the O.J." while making a stabbing motion."

Things became even more awkward when JonBenet Ramsey's parents showed up, and Foxx jumped on the piano and performed an impromptu song called "You Can't Prove a Thing." He then started "Doing the Ramsey," which consisted of strangling Hillary Duff, as she was the closest thing to a six-year-old wearing too much makeup at the party.

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