25 August 2005

Scientists Turn-out Cats, Prove Pimp Hand Strong

Some mad scientists got together and cloned a few African wildcats a while ago. Then, they took some unrelated clones, and let them get freaknasty without protection (the cats like it raw), just to see what would happen.

(This is the part that's actually news.) Well, the two female cats got knocked up, and had healthy litters. This is fucking insane: Clones can successfully reproduce naturally, which leaves huge implications with regard to saving endangered species, not to mention a host of other possible ways for man to keep playing God. Someone better call Sam Neill because apparently, no, we haven't learned anything from Jurassic Park.

And now, a cheap shot:

Q: What do you get when cross-clone a praying mantis with syphilis?

A: Paris Hilton!

(SFX: Rimshot)

You folks have yourselves a nice night! We'll be here all week!

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Teresa said...


"walk that track bitch!"