11 August 2005

Never Laid Will This Guy Get

Dorkwads have a new and exciting way to dork it up, thanks to Charles Ross. Ross has created a one-man show in New York, which condenses the original Star Wars trilogy into an hour. The 31-year-old Canuck admits to seeing the movies some 400 times.

It gets worse.

Ross has also created a one-man show of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which apparently, draws a more diverse crowd than his Star Wars show. We, at LTNA, can only assume that this guy's chosen path in life is merely a side effect of his ferocious dedication to avoiding poontang at all costs. We guess some guys just prefer playing with their lightsabers in darkened theaters, instead. Different strokes for different folks.

Did the "strokes" comment go too far? We never can tell.

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