23 August 2005

C. Love Stories Habit-Forming, "Gateway Post"

We know, we know. Another one. Indulge us.

Okay, so 'member how we had said that Courtney Love was all preggers and shit? Well, just kidding! Surprisingly, Mrs. Cobain was just making shit up (shocking, we know!), when she said that the Limey had planted his seed in her treacherous womb. Her fictional baby-daddy, Steve Coogan, has had his reps clear the whole thing up with the BBC (class all the way, Coog), calling the claim "nonsense." But, it is true that the two-- C-cubed, as we like to call them, were indeed sexin' at the Sunset Marquis for a couple of weeks, recently. Apparently the consequences of that romp didn't extend beyond the usual mysterious rash, coupled with a burning sensation during urination, also known as the "Courtney Love Box Lunch" (you bet your ass that pun was intended). Kudos, Coogan!

And thusly, order is restored. It was fun while it lasted. Call us jaded, but we would've loved to see the train wreck this kid would've grown up to be. Well, we guess there's always Frances Bean.

Yikes. That was too dark, even for us. Sorry Kurt! Let's change that to "there's always Preston Spears Federline." Ah. That's better.

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sheriff of nothing said...

shes one crazy chick.. gotta feel for Frances Bean though...