25 August 2005

Brad is the New Tom

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally admit they're knockin' da boots and stop playing Jay-Z & Beyonce's "No, Really! We're Not Fuckin Each Other!" game (available from Milton Bradley), don't expect Brad to ruin his image by "doing the Cruise." Tyler Durden is trying to hire Pat Kingsley (the publicist Cruise had for some 20 years and then fired shortly before showing us he's been completely batshit all along-- erm, we mean, before revealing that he's in love with "this woman"/"Kate" Holmes). The idea is for Brangelina to break the news that everyone already knows in the most tasteful way. The key word here is "strategery." Let's just hope B.P doesn't make an ill-advised decision to sack Kingsley in a few years because he's "completely in love" with Mayim Bialik or some other obscure former teen star. But, maybe we're being glib.

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