10 August 2005

Osama bin Punk'n

A suspicious package was discovered on an Orlando bus today. The reason this package was considered suspicious was it was addressed from Osama bin Laden (himself!). Now, we know the bomb squad had to be brought in to take the necessary precautions, better safe than sorry and all that. But, seriously folks, is this amateur hour, or what? Obviously, this Fauxsama needs to take a page from the Book of Ashton and devise a better prank than filling a box with pamphlets, labeling it "From: Osama bin Laden" and then leaving it on a bus in Florida. It probably would have been equally effective and much cheekier to label the box "NOT A BOMB," and leave it on the bus.

Although, if Osama really has been laying low in FL-- Jeb Bush's backyard, for the last few months or even years (and simply forgot his box of pamphlets on some bus accidentally), it would be the ultimate Punk-- in which case we'd have to give it up to Ol' Sama. That rascal!

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