24 August 2005

"Dish Network"? So, Is That Like, DirecTV?

Do you know anyone who has Dish Network Satellite TV? We didn't think so. In a ridiculously desperate publicity stunt, EchoStar Satellite Television, the company behind Dish Network, is offering any town (even yours!) the chance to get 10 years of free satellite from Dish. All said town has to do is one little favor in exchange: Change the name of the town to "DISH," legally and permanently. EchoStar has specified that they want all caps, but changing it to the somewhat less spunky "Dish" is still negotiable. At least we know they're reasonable chaps over at Echo, as the original marketing plan was to rename the town "D-TO-THE-ISH, BOOOYEEEEEEE!!!" It tooks weeks to get the execs to agree to remove the exclamation points, alone.

You've got to love a country where merchants can choose to execute outrageous (and horrifically tacky) promotions, rather than improve their goods or services to warrant a deserved increase in sales. After all, this post alone is giving a really shitty company free publicity. Yay capitalism!

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