18 August 2005

Get Your Droogs

We're just going to be honest, and let you know from the first post that it's a slow news day. More to the point, we are extremely hungover/ still wasted from last night. We just keep forgetting that beer is not a suitable alternative to actual food for dinner, no matter how savory the brew. But, in the event you are actually bored enough to be reading LTNA today, we owe it to you to put something vaguely interesting up. We just love you that much. Here it goes:

Apparently, "Don't try this at home" is not a phrase that extends to beating the shit out of homeless people with baseball bats after watching Bumfights on DVD, as a couple of no-goodnick young punks allegedly went Joe Pesci on two homeless guys. One of the bums is still in critical condition at the USC Medical Center. This certainly ups the stakes for the rest of us, who merely yell "get a job!" at Boxcar Willy. But, be forewarned: Next time some derelict starts trying to clean your windows with his "busket," be prepared to pay $500,000 in bail.

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