16 August 2005

The Party's Over, Kids

Kathie Lee Gifford is going to be on TV on a regular fucking basis. Again. She's going to be a "special correspondent" on that hard-news show... you know the one... Pat O'Brien... ah yes, The Insider. This is a sad, sad day. We don't even watch The Insider, because by 7 p.m. or whenever those Entertainment Tonight rip-off shows come on, we're already well on our way to "going fucking crazy" with tequila and Asian male hookers, most nights (that's just our thing). But, we digress. The point is, regardless of whether we watch the show, the idea that we could see Kathie Lee on TV even accidentally on any given night overwhelms us. We don't even know why we hate her so much (beyond the obvious reason of her being an obnoxious, hollow, insincere magpie-charlatan), but that hatred burns stronger than... than... we don't even know. See?! She makes us so irritated we can't even come up with a cogent simile!

(Labored breathing...)

We're going to take a moment and calm ourselves. By "calm ourselves," we really mean "SMASH! SMASH WORKSTATION! SMASH IT GOOD!"

And, for those of you wondering what the deal is with the picture above at left, which is decidedly not Kathie-fucking-Lee, a brief explanation: When we were searching for a photo to put up with this post, this was one of the ones returned by Google Image Search, for reasons unknown to us. Rather than use one of the more appropriate photos, like say, one that was actually of Kathie-fucking-Lee, we took this opportunity to protest her very existence, and went with that guy, instead. We just couldn't bear the thought of her face polluting the landscape of the LTNA front page. And for some reason, that guy's face makes us smile, in the face of this awful news. We know what our next AIM icon is going to be. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Teresa said...

I love that picture! What a lame 80's hair-do. If you squint, it looks like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider.