29 August 2005

Why We Hate Britney, Reason #894,262

If you were on the fence about whether you think Britney Spears is a vapid, disgusting, stupid, skanky bitch, here's an interesting tidbit: Mrs. K-Fed likes to bully 13-year-old girls, when in a Cheetos-fueled rage. Page Six is reporting that on the set of her sister's retarded show, BritBrit yelled at one of the show's co-stars, reducing the little girl to tears over some bullshit between the two tweeners. What's worse is the girl was a fan of Britney's, and has all of her albums (kids are dumb that way), so it was, like, hella fucked up to get yelled at by her idol. A bit of advice: If you're going to be stupid and fat, you probably shouldn't throw mean on top of that whole sundae. Good luck reviving your "career" after the baby, B.

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