23 August 2005

So, That's Like, a Billion Pennies?

50 Cent (rapstar, metaphor for change) is suing a Philly car dealer for using his likeness in some print ads, and "trademark hijacking." He's suing for $1 mil, over what's a pretty crap ad, in all honesty. Who really thought that if someone reading the paper is on the fence about buying a car that day, the one thing that will convince them to go to Gary Barbera's Dodge and get a "hooked-up" Magnum is the phrase "Just like 50 says!" Oh wait, but there was that awesome picture of 50, too. Shit. You have us there, 'cause that totally sells it.

Gone are the days when he would simply bust a cap in their ass over a trespass like this (classic Fiddy!). No, with fame and fortune comes the natural transition from being a wanted felon to being a litigous a-hole with a team of high-powered lawyers. Sweet role-reversal, you temptress! Our favorite thing about the lawsuit is where the filing says 50 is "known for his good looks." Those lawyers should do stand-up!

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