25 August 2005

Finger Lickin' Good

Four oversexed staffers were fired from Food Network chef Mario Batali's restaurant, Bistro Du Vent, last week. They were caught on security cameras having an orgy.

That's a hell of a way to go, we have to say. How do you explain to future employers why you left your last job? "Well, things didn't quite 'pan out' [chuckles at pun] at Bistro because they finally found out why I used quotation-fingers every time I said the words 'cream sauce.'" Gross.

In related news, Batali has had to delay the release of his latest grocery store product "Mario's Man-Mustard" until the heat dies on this incident.


sheriff of nothing said...

Talk about fulfilling a fantasy..

LTNA said...

Food during sex, multiple partners, amateur pornagraphy, sex in a public place/ place of work. So many fetishes coming together at once (forgive the choice of words).